The Most Beautiful Wooden Blocks is the World

Naef Cella Red
The Most Beautiful Wooden Blocks in the World
As a toy store owner and enthusiast I get asked all the time what my favorite toys are.  It is a tough question considering the millions of choices out there.  On the top of my list is a wooden toy called Cella.  It comes from a company called Naefspiele not surprisingly from Switzerland.  It was designed by Peer Clahsen from the Netherlands which happens to be my favorite toy designer. 
Why Are They So Amazing?
Wooden blocks have been around for centuries.  In fact it looks like the first documented reference to wooden blocks was in the late 1600s but chances are they were around before that.  They are available in almost every country made by thousands of companies.  So what is so special about these blocks? 
Simplicity - Peer Clahsen is a master at taking one geometric shape and changing the size and color tone of that shape.  A very simple idea but very complex results.   
Design - One of the most important elements to anything is Design.  Design encourages play, It engages multiple age groups, and make an item so gorgeous that you never want to hide it but display it no matter how its put together.  This is one of the most incredibly well designed toy I've come across.  It engages toddlers to professional Architects who proudly display their creations.
Precision - Skillfully made with perfect balance allows you to experiment with tremendously complex sculptures.  A very important feature for young artists.  
"A good toy doesn't give you all the answers but is a tool to progress thought and imagination." 

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