Welcome to the Jackson Hole Toy Store



Welcome to the Jackson Hole Toy Store one of the most unique toy stores in the country.     Opening its doors in 2012 as a used toy consignment store The Jackson Hole Toy Store has evolved quite a bit over the years.  First evolving in mid 2013 to carry new toys focusing on education and wooden toys. Our first location

(Our humble beginning at 150 Scott lane: our first location)


Interior photo of old store

(Interior Photo of our first location)

The Big Move

In 2014 came the big move.  In an effort to grow the store moved to 165 Center Street in Downtown Jackson, Wyoming.  A major location upgrade.  This time we also changed our toys as well switching to a more international selection.


(image of the new location)


The Theming Phase

In early 2016 the store evolved once more into what it is today.  Using a professional theming company called Daniel's Woodland the store became magical.  



(front entrance)

What changed was a new mentality, a new idea that toys are about imagination and wonder and toy stores should be too. 


(long view)


This is now the only toy store in the world that has a complete 40 target walk around wireless shooting gallery inside the store.


(The Livery)

This completely interactive environment is also home to a hand picked selection of toys from all over the world.  The Jackson Hole Toy Store currently represents 18 countries and counting.   


 (view from the gallows)



165 Center Street

Jackson, Wyoming









Store Hours:

Monday to Sunday 10am - 6pm